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This is not a normal fashion blog. As a fashion stylist who is constantly on the prowl for looks, garments, and accessories for other people, I’ve slowly come to know and love the benefits of buying less and choosing well. Here, you’ll find repeated pieces of my sustainable wardrobe – items that are several seasons old, shirts that I wear a bajillion different ways, thrifted and vintage items, and super old pieces that I go on and on about because they’re older than some members of Gen Z (did you know there’s a Gen Z!?).

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, maybe it’s because I realized I just simply couldn’t keep up with buying new things all the time for the perfect instagram, but I think we need to be more conscious of our closets, how we consume fashion, and how we appreciate style. I don’t believe that sustainable style means seeking out hard to find or expensive fabrics or brands. While this is an amazing effort that should be pursued, I think we can also make better choices simply by reframing the way we see and treat our clothes.

So if you’re looking for a place to buy the next “it” item – here may not be where you want to chill for the next little while. BUT – if you’re looking for a conscious way to interpret trends, or interested in finding that elusive investment piece that you’ll have in your closet until the next generation (what will they call it!?!?), maybe stay for a bit.

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